Chrome Dinosaur Game using Python – Free Code Available

Chrome Dinosaur Game using Python

When there is no internet connection available on Chrome, we can see the offline Dinosaur Game on Chome Browser. Today we are going to build a model to play ” Chrome Dinosaur Game using Python “.


  • 1. Dinosaur
  • 2. Cactus
  • 3. Bird

When the internet connection suddenly breaks down, during each surfing browser redirects you to the offline gaming page. You need to jump to skip the flying birds and cactus to play this game and should save it from colliding with them. You can have 2 modes: Night mode & Day mode which changes suddenly. The more you survive, the more you will get the score. You can play the online version of the game here:


If you are new to python, you can go through the “Python 3 Free Course ” which is strictly designed for AI ML. This course covers all the details you need to have to begin your career in Artificial Intelligence.

Chrome Dinosaur Game using Python
Fig:- Chrome Dinosaur Game using Pythoname

It’s great to play the game and exercise a bit after spending a long time coding. The IDE should enforce us to do some extra physical movement from time to time, maybe integrating with the Fitbit!


Here comes the important step. Since the codes are in ipynb, you need to have Jupyter Notebook installed on your setup. You also need to have OpenCV, Numpy, PyGame installed on your computer.

In this project, we are using our physical movement (jump) to play the game. So, we are using Support Vector Machine (SVM) to develop the model to integrate the game and our physical movements.


Now just copy my repository you can clone-download the zip file. After you will extract the files there is a file called DINO_GAME.ipynb, JUMPING_IMAGES_CAPTURE.ipynb, & MACHINE_LEARNING.ipynb. After everything been done Let’s quickly configure the source file so that it will be able to run on your computer.

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