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In today’s giveaway, we are providing you a code to toonify your image – to make a photo-realistic cartoon model on your own.

Upload your own photos :

Upload your photos to raw/. These don’t need to be aligned as we’ll use a face detector to grab all the faces and transform them into the correct format. One note of caution is that you’ll need a pretty high-resolution picture of a face to get a sharp result (the final face crop is resized to 1024×1024 pixels)

We’ll grab a example image from the internet to work with.

The basic process is:

  • 1. Extract faces and align the images
  • 2. Project the images (i.e. find the latent code)
  • 3. Toonify the images (i.e. use the latent code with the toon model)

Results will be placed in the stylegan2/generated folder

You can upload your image on any image hosting site and provide the URL of your image as in the code above. That’s the only thing you need to change to toonify your images on your own.




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