AI-assisted Sudoku Solver

ai sudoku

In this AI-assisted Sudoku Solver, algorithm is able to detect and to directly solve AI sudokus in VR.

Grids Extraction

Firstly, the algorithm have to find where the grids are ! The pipeline is :

  1. Preprocess image to enhance high frequencies
  2. Find lines thanks to Hough Space
  3. Analyse lines to know which can correspond to a grid
ai sudoku codes
Digits Identification & Grids Solving

Once grids are extracted, for each grid we do :

  • Detect shape which can be digits
  • Use my CNN do identify digits
  • Create a numeric grid in a table & solve it
Grids Reconstruction
  • Create a virtual image to fill the initial image
  • Add the 2 images together to create the final result
Video Case

When user chose to use video as input, the algorithm will act quite differently :

  • For grids extraction, we use position of last grids to deduce if 2 grids in 2 pictures are actually the same
  • For grids solving, we wait to have meet the same extracted numeric grid twice, to be confident on digits extraction
  • It do not resolve a grid if it a grid is detected as same as an already solved grid
How to use AI Sudoku ?

The best way to use my algorithm is to firstly clone the git repo where you want to. Then, open a terminal & go in the repository
cd /path/to/the/folder/

You can see the options by typing python3 -h

You will need some libraries before running it

  • Numpy
  • OpenCV
  • Keras
  • Tensorflow

To Install : pip install <library_name>

Easy way

Take your own picture/video of your process target and use the command
python3 -i path/to/your/file
You also want to add -s to save the output result In both cases, the result will be display on your monitor during processing

If you want to use your webcam, you can chose the profile nยฐ2 by adding -p 2 to your command. Nevertheless, the algorithm is too long to give a real-time pleasant experience (mainly cause of the Hough Transform)

Advanced way

The user can use his own Keras model to identify digits. For that use the parameter -mp path/to/your/model

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