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The world is leading towards automation. With huge connectivity between humans and devices, the era is moving towards the ocean of connectivity. Connectivity via various forms of networks including internet, bluetooth, zigbee have been a boon to mankind. The flow of information has been really easy. Various human tasks have been made a lot easier using the power of internet. Smart devices has come up as a boom in the world of automation. From home to industry, smart devices have been extensively used. The field of home automation has been more wider than ever thought. Smart bulbs are one of the smartest products of home automation.

Smart bulbs are the ones which are made smarter in the sense of operation and control using the power of smart electronics within it. They are made to connect to the network via local or live internet connectivity so that they can be controlled remotely and monitored in the local area or global scenario using cloud. Smart bulbs are fairly a game changer in the field of energy saving. An average person forgets to turn off their light bulbs frequently. It’s something the vast majority of us are guilty of. If you’ve ever wondered just how much energy you are wasting, take a look at the meters while the lights are on. You’re probably in for a surprise.

Smart bulbs have come up with the solution to these forms of chaos. From human mistakes to natural scenarios, traditional bulbs can be highly demanding in terms of energy consumption. So, smart bulbs have the features such as remote monitoring and control so that the unwanted

use of them can be avoided. The bulbs can be controlled remotely from anywhere so that the light doesn’t remain lightened up in unwanted scenarios or in absence of human activities. Some famous categories of smart bulbs for energy saving can be as follows: –

  • Motion detecting bulbs

 Bulbs turn on only when they sense the presence of human motion. In absence of human motion, they get turned off automatically.

  •  Remotely controlled bulbs

 Bulbs can be turned on or off as per our need or wish from anywhere in the world using the power of internet. The power usage and status of the bulbs/lights can also be monitoring using a monitoring dashboard.

  •  Intensity controlled bulbs

 Bulbs tend to control their intensity or brightness as per the brightness of the environment. They auto adjust their brightness with or without human interaction.

Using the power of smart bulbs each and every status of the bulbs can be controlled and monitored so that their efficiency as well as durability can be highly improved with the saving of energy and ultimately financial expenses. This product has turned out to be one of the biggest boons to energy economics.

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