AI QUIZ – 02

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Tutorial for today:

Reinforcement means to establish or encourage a pattern of behavior. Let us say that you were dropped off at an isolated island. What would you do? Now initially you would panic and you would be unsure of what to do where to get food from how to live and so on. But after a while you will have to adapt you must learn how to live on the island. Adapt to the changing climates learn more to eat and what not to eat. So here you are basically following the hit and trial concept because you are new to the surroundings and the only way to learn is experience and then learn from your experience. This is what reinforcement learning is. It is a learning method wherein an agent, which is basically you stuck on the island interacts with its environment which is the island by producing actions and discovers errors or rewards. Once the agent gets trained it gets ready to predict the new data presented to it.


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